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  • Migrant Workers and the Bond Pickle Company

    The Bond Pickle Company of Oconto, Wisconsin was founded in 1915 by five brothers. The Bond brothers quicklydeveloped the firm, by 1917 acquiring 10 “salting stations” where the cucumbers were received from local farmers and a processing …

  • a black and white photo of poorly maintained migrant workers cabins from 1962

    Wisconsin’s Migrant Housing Laws

    Before World War II, most of the migrant workers in Wisconsin’s pickle fields were single young men, and pickle companies provided housing for workers in large dormitories. After World War II, however, farmers began to …

  • Oliver, Sheldon, and Glen Fardig help in the Fardig Orchard in Ephraim, WI, c. 1930. Photograph courtesy of the Ephraim Historical Foundation.

    Migrant Labor and Door County Cherries

    Early Door County cherry orchards relied heavily on local workers, and all members of the family were expected to contribute. From the planting process, spraying of fungicides, pruning, and finally cherry picking, each cherry tree …

  • Girl eating a cherry

    The Cherry Industry in Door County

    While earliest European immigrants in Door County survived by subsistence farming, efforts in later years to grow cash crops proved challenging, due in large part to the area’s rocky landscape. Despite little success with traditional …

  • A colorful postcard showing a map of Door County and promoting tourist activities in the region

    Cherryland Tourism

    The beginnings of Door County tourism preceded the cherry industry boom by several decades. The natural beauty and cool temperatures made it an attractive destination for urbanites in search of a respite from the summer …

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Image courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society (Image ID 8534)